Medical Micropigmentation


Treatment of breast cancer is a difficult and invasive process. Women who have had a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy often choose to have a breast reconstruction. The final step is to perform medical micropigmentation, a three-dimensional reconstruction of the nipple areola.

London Esthetics, Katowice offers a three-dimensional reconstruction of the areola as a safe and easy way to regain confidence.

What is breast nipple areola reconstruction?

The reconstruction of the areola of the nipple is the field of cosmetic tattooing; involves the introduction of medical grade colored pigments by means of a device and a micro-needle into the upper layers of the skin. 

3D areola micropigmenation uses advanced artistic pigment shading techniques to create a natural effect, illusion of texture, giving the impression of a three-dimensional nipple on flat skin.

For patients after a unilateral mastectomy, we will professionally match the color to the existing nipple, providing a symmetrical and identical finish.

As part of the procedure, we can also prepare and reduce the scars that remain after the mastectomy procedure, regardless of whether they are on the areola or around.

areola, mikropigmentacja brodawki piersiowej

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  • after treatment, after single and double mastectomy
  • after breast augmentation and with visible scars
  • when changing sex
  • in skin diseases such as vitiligo with a discolored areola
  • with irregular or asymmetrical areolas
  • after undergoing any breast surgeries, e.g. corrective surgery
  • in the absence of one or both nipples
  • when you want to enlarge the outer surface of the areola.

Our treatment is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age, skin tone or the color of the areola.